24th May 2018



Chai Chee Senior Activity Centre

Sunlove-Kampong Chai Chee Senior Activity Centre (SAC) started on 1st Jan 2000, primarily as a project by MCDS and HDB to improve the lives of the elderly living in HDB rental flats.

The SAC is a hub providing social and recreational programs and activities for the elderly residents to enable them to lead more meaningful social lives. It provides care and support services such as friendship, emergency alert response calls and many other services.

Our Aim

To provide social and recreational programs and activities for the elderly residents, thus enabling them to lead more meaningful social lives.

To encourage and develop volunteerism among the residents so that they will serve the poor and needy of their community.

To convert the Neighbourhood Link area into a Neighbourhood Link Club by providing services, which will attract the participation of the whole family.

To serve as nerve centres of the Alert Alarm System (AAS) installed in the blocks.

Programs & Activities

From a temporary unit, Sunlove Home operated with just a few programs for the elderly in the neighbourhood. The SAC has since grown to about 40 programs/activities for both young and old.

Some of the programs/activities are:

 Daily kampong style breakfast
 Screening of Tamil, Malay and Chinese movies
 Health screening
 Health care talks
 Monitoring of blood pressure
 Dental service for the elderly
 Cooking lessons
 Reading and writing of letters

Some of the social/recreational activities are:

 Monthly outings to places of interest
 Organised tours
 Birthday and anniversary celebrations
 Job placement
 Choir practice

The facilities at the Centre include:

 A well-equipped exercise area
 Organised tours
 Hi-fi with karaoke
 Reminiscence paraphernalia

Alert Alarm System (AAS)

The AAS is installed in blocks 30 and 31. In times of an emergency, the elderly resident will activate the alarm by pressing the push buttons located within their apartment. Once the alarm is activated, a staff or volunteer will investigate and render the necessary assistance.

Volunteer Involvement

The SAC has an active group of volunteers who are working adults and students. These volunteers help with outings to places of interest, organize cultural programs, help to escort the elderly to hospitals and clinics, manage the AAS after office hours and befriend the elderly.

SAC Opening Hours

Mon Fri: 6am - 8pm
Sat : 8am - 8pm
Sun : 10am-8pm


Blk 31#01-150 Chai Chee Avenue
Singapore 461031

Whom to Contact

Mr Raj or Mr Hoon @ Tel: 6876 0153

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